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HERO bracelet

The United States Hero bracelet will be launched Monday, September 18.


HERO bracelet

Introducing The Verstara


(Helping Emergency Response Organizations)

As a proud citizen of both Canada and the United States, watching the current disasters as they unfold is both heartbreaking and devastating.

From the wildfires raging out of control to the hurricanes pounding the coastline, in both Canada and the US, there is a need for immediate help for the people and animals affected.

Verstara is proud to announce the arrival of the Hero Bracelet. Standing for Helping Emergency Response Organizations, this line of healing/diffuser jewelry has been designed to be a beautiful display of your proud support of those affected by natural disasters.

One third of the PURCHASE price of each bracelet will be donated to an organization in Canada or the US (your choice) that helps animals and their owners during times of crisis.

This bracelet represents the wildfires with the firey orange of the Carneline stone, the floods with the deep blue of the Sodalite, and the ability to rebuild and survive such horrific catastrphoies with strength and courage, represented by the lava stones between the stones. The Verstara horsehair tassel is added on to represent of the animals fighting for their lives alongside their humans.


Helping Emergency Response Organizations

Purchase your HERO bracelet today for just $30
$10 of that will go directly to the HERO fund

(untracked/insured shipping is free, tracked shipping may be purchased for $10)